Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

All Club members are subject to the Raider Fan and NFL Fan Code of Conduct. These will be posted on the Club’s website and it is the responsibility of each member to read the Code annually.

In addition, any club member who instigates or participates in actions which jeopardize the official booster club status of the Club or the safety of its members may be expelled by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Such actions include, but are not limited to:

(1) illegal use of the Oakland Raiders logo or name;
(2) unauthorized use of the DC Metro Raiders Booster Club logo or name;
(3) unlawful acts committed while participating in Club activities or activities supported by the Club;
(4) unprovoked physical attack on Club members or their guests for any reason;
(5) theft or misuse of Club funds, or
(6) any action by a member that the Board finds reflects negatively on the reputation of the Club

The Executive Director must notify the charging party or parties in writing of the date the Board will hear the complaint. The Board may, at its discretion and by majority vote, dismiss the charges or, if the charges are sustained, warn, suspend or expel a member from the Club. All charges must be documented (in writing or through witnesses) by the Club or Board member(s) making the charges. Failure by the complaining party to appear on the specified date will result in the complaint being dismissed, and the charges cannot be brought up again. Failure by the party being charged to appear (without good cause) will result in immediate expulsion. If a Board member is the party being charged with the offense, he or she cannot participate in the vote.

Oakland Raider Code of Conduct can be found by clicking here.

For information on the NFL Fan Code of Conduct click here.