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Board Members Wanted

As we are approaching a new season, we are looking for board members.  Must be a paid member and be willing to participate during in and off season.  Live in the local DMV area.  Our board meets monthly by in-person, teleconference or virtually through email or board website.  If you have the time, enthusiasm and want to contribute to the club contact Shronda and Lizette about being a board member at

2017-18 Club Membership

2017-18 Memberships are open starting April 27, 2017.  Membership prices are:

Individual: $25 / Couple: $40

Our memberships run from draft day to the next draft year.  All members will be placed on our membership roster, receive a membership card (electronically) and be eligible to run for office, speak at membership or Board meetings, vote in Club elections, supervise Club events and activities, and participate in any Club raffles or giveaways.

To apply for membership, click the link on the sidebar or here.


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