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Come one, come all! If you’re an Oakland Raider Fan, and you live in the DC Metro Area, you’ve found some of the most loyal hardcore Raider Fans you’ll ever meet. Do you bleed Silver and Black? You know who you are, you know what time it is, now let’s get that Raider Loyalty together and show our support from the East Coast all the way out to OAKTOWN.

Meeting Spots

DC Meeting Spot

Public Bar

Public Bar
1214-B 18th Street, N.W., Washington, DC  20006

Just two blocks away from both the Farragut North and Dupont Circle Red Line stations, PUBLIC BAR is located in the heart of downtown Washington, bordered by Connecticut Avenue, 18th Street and M Street, NW.  The Club will occupy the 2nd floor lounge space with its own private bar and 10 TV screens for viewing Raider games.  Great food and drink specials every Raider game for Club members!

View pictures and more information about Public Bar

Northern VA Meeting Spot

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill Woodbridge VA
15200 Potomac Town Place #100Woodbridge, VA 22191
(703) 852-8831 

Hampton Roads Meeting Spot

Beef O’Brady’s
309 Oyster Point Road
Newport News, Virginia
(757) 249.9464


Executive Chairman — Lonell (Pop Raider) Easter 757.696.0502
Board member 1 — Derrick (Sun Raider) Easter. 757.696.5990
Board member 2 — Paul Martin 757.329.3918
Secretary — Corey Butler 757-933-2889
Treasurer — Dave (Stone Raider) Delafosse 757.784.0726
Media Specialist — (Mayhem Raider) (214) 586.1355

Club News

  • Preseason Televised Game NBC

    DCM RAIDERS Preseason Televised Game on NBC
    Sunday, August 30, 2015
    8:00pm – 10:00pm
    Public Bar
    1214-B 18th St NW
    Washington, DC 20004 USA
    2nd Level/Floor Bar Area

    Open for all to attend and celebrate the beginning of a great season

  • Topics of discussion from DC Metro Booster Club Meeting


    1. Board Elections.

    – Bi-annual Board member elections are here.

    – Club members can nominate any individual as Chairman or Board member they believe will do the best job possible.

    – Nomination email must be received by August 8th to info@dcmraiders.com

    – An election email will be sent after the names are tallied. Club members need to select 1 Chairman and 6 board members from the list of name on the election email. The deadline for voting is August 29th and emails will be once again sent to info@dcmraiders.com

    – Our Executive Director will notify selected people to confirm selection. Then send out a congratulatory email notifying the club of the selected Chairman and Board Members.


    1. New Website

    – Need update from Scott on the status.


    1. Club Dues

    – Reminder that club dues have increased in to prepare for our 15th year anniversary celebration.

    – Individuals $20; Family still $25


    1. Preseason Game.

    – Televised Preseason is August 30.

    – Shown at 8pm inside Public Bar


    1. 2015-2016 season T-shirt design

    – Mike needs payment for invoice sent for first shipment of new DC Metro Club T-Shirts ($365)

    – Cashier’s check after withdrawal will be used to pay for Club T-Shirts.

    – Board member (Dee Dee Dillard) motioned to moved forward with the new club shirts. Tai Smith seconded the motion. 2/4 Board members were present for the vote and approved the proposal.

    – T-Shirts can be re-ordered in 2 weeks in case of a back log / high demand.


    1. Tax ID

    – Interest raised into changing account to non-profit type of account.

    – Vicki to look into getting new Tax ID


    1. Off-Season Activities

    – Email will be sent out to the club members asking for suggestions and volunteers to have an off-season event.


    1. Volunteer Follow-up / Ideas

    – School Drives, Food Drives, and a USO Event.

    – Need to make announcement on the first game of the season and every game in order to remind folks what they can donate each month.

    – DCM regularly volunteers at a homeless shelter in southern MD. Chairman Shronda has more information for those wanting to join the monthly feed the homeless event.

    – School supply drive will be for the entire month of September, Coat Drive will be for the entire month of October, Food Drive will be for the entire month of November, and USO Donation will be totaled from select 50/50 raffles during the season.


    1. 15th Year Club Celebration Gala

    – Suggested Type: Formal Event

    – Date Suggestions:

    – March / April 2016 (Pre 15th year)

    – March / April 2017 (Post 15th year)


    1. HOF weekend Aug 7-9

    – Vonda, Roro, Rodney & Andre are attending.


    1. Raider Convention

    – Go through Carmine Pucci


    1. Club Away Trips 2015-2016 Season

    – Oct 4th at Chicago Bears, Nov 8th Pittsburgh Steelers

    – Need more information on weekend events, tailgate, and tickets.

    – Anyone coordinating club members for attendance?


    – Next year RFC as an away game for the club


    1. Christmas Party

    – Vicki is to be the organizer


    1. Veterans Day

    – Pins and cupcakes


    1. Additional items/Issues/Concerns/Questions

    – Accepting suggestions for the Club’s 15th Year Anniversary Celebration

    – Same time and location (AKA Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel)



  • DCMR Club Members,

    It is that time  to nominate one (1) chairman and six (6) board members to lead our Raider Booster club.

    Please send an email with your names of the nominated club members to  vicki@dcmraiders.com.

    The deadline for sending your nomination email is Saturday August 8th, 2015.

    Once I have received a email with nomination names I will be contacting said persons to make sure that they accept the nomination.

    After the names have been gathered, another email will follow with all nominated candidates so you may vote for the person or persons that you feel will fit best in said position.  Club members need to select 1 Chairman and 6 board members from the list of names on the election email.   There will be a deadline date on this email also.

    Once all votes have been tallied our executive director will send a congratulatory email and make the final announcement of who we have selected to lead our club.

    Thank you for your participation in continuing to make our club the best it can be.


    P.S.  All VOTING emails will be saved in a special file so that if any questions arise as to the correctness of the tallying of the votes it can and will be reviewed.   If they need to be reviewed senders/voters names will be blacked out for privacy reasons..

  • Hello My Raider Brothers and Sisters;

    If you have not heard through the grapevine yet our beloved Chairperson Ms. Shronda Bell has been very very ill.  She has been in the hospital since March 22nd.  I am only posted this because it is at her request and permission.  Anyone requesting any further information about  her please feel free to contact me, and I will do my very best to give you information.  Our prayers and best wishes go out to Shronda and her family.  Hurry back to us soon!!  Your Raider Nation Family

    Vicki Jeter
    Executive Director

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